Hello there, I'm Chandel!

She & Sho was born from a gap in the marketspace. I felt like I was never able to find the stuff I saw on Pinterest, high-end stores, or in magazines, at a price that I could easily afford. I searched and searched for a store that had what I wanted. I was able to find discount stores, or cutesy boutiques, but never anything that was able to combine the two. Being the entrepreneurial woman I am, I created She & Sho Clothing Co.

I've received a lot of questions about how we are able to sell our merchandise at such great prices; so I wanted to share a little bit of the She & Sho magic with you. 


We are direct. Being direct is behind everything we do. We go straight to the manufacturers and cut out the middleman and his cost. We bargain for what you want, and bring our products straight from the source to you. You won’t have to wonder if you are getting the best deal, because you are!


We’ve got the power. Buying power, that is. No superheroes in capes over here, they can be a big hassle in the office. A lot of our inventory comes at the request from local boutiques who are stylish, quality conscious, and selective. However they can't sell all of the items in the minimum order the manufacturers require them to buy. To accommodate their needs, we buy the minimum order for the boutiques, sell them what they need, and then offer the rest to you. By buying in large quantities, we can get you the best value for your dollar. This way, we can ensure our items are at the most competitive prices, and you won't just be paying for the brand name.  For wholesale inquiries, go here.


We know you've got good taste. We're not trying to be boastful here, but we think we do too. To provide some unique She & Sho flair, we do our homework and stay on top of what's trending. We then search for the cute must-have pieces that will add style and even a little bit of humor to your daily life. 


Thank you for stopping by!

XOXO, Chandel